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Biscuit cake

Biscuit Cake Recipe

Ingredients: 2 packages of tea biscuits; 125 gr. flavored corn starch; 700 ml. milk; 3 tablespoons sugar; 125 ml. cold water; chocolate chips for decoration; white chocolate shavings for decoration.

Recipe: Pour the milk in a pot and bring it to a boil. Remove the milk from the heat as soon as it starts boiling. Mix the starch with the cold water in a bowl, and pour it slowly in the hot milk, while stirring with a whisk. Mix well and return the milk on the stove. Bring to a quick boil, while stirring, and remove it from the stove. Spread some of the mixture on the bottom of a ceramic dish, and arrange a layer of the biscuits. Cover the biscuits with the starch mixture, and repeat. When you have finished arranging the cake, cover the top with the rest of the mixture, and decorate with the chocolate. Put the biscuit cake in the fridge for at least a few hours in order to set, before serving. Tip: If you can't find flavored starch, you can make it yourself by adding to the mixture some strawberry syrup, vanilla extract or whatever flavoring you may like.

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