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Career Change To Chef - considering to change your career and become a chef, read this...

Is Sushi Healthy - Is eating sushi good for your health? Find out if sushi is fattening.

How To Become A Chef? And I Mean A Successful Chef: There are qualities you can’t learn in college or by reading cooking books and watching Ramzi-Bamzi cooking shows. read the full article...

Health Food Tips - Some Basic Strategies For Good Health: Safe food with good nutritional value is important to every person's health. Eating a balanced diet comprised of good nutritious products is one of the best ways to protect your health.

Gourmet Cooking By Chef George Krumov: Culinary certainly deserves to be called an art because it is one of the few professions... read the full article...

How To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship - Answers to some of the questions that I received for my previous post about cruise line jobs.

What Tuna To Use For Sushi - The popularity of sushi is increasing throughout the world, so it is very important to know where your fish comes from. Article by Chef George Krumov

Chef Career - If you are planing a career as a chef you should probably read this before you deside if it is the right career for you and if you have what it takes to be a chef. read the full article...

Food Service Employment - Hiring staff for the food service industry is one of the biggest challenges and nightmares for every restaurant owner or hiring manager... read the full article...

What Is Spanish Tapas, What Does It Take To Run A Tapas Bar - Tapas bars are the latest dining craze across North America, quite successful I must admit. Tapas are little dishes of Spain served before lunch and dinner in bars... read the full article...

What is Nigiri - Explanation and recipe for nigiri sushi, by Chef George

Is Food Labeled As Natural, Really Natural - by Chef George Krumov

Cruise Line Jobs - A Real Story By A Chef Who Has Worked On A Cruise Ship: I don't think that working on a cruise ship is as glorious as some people think, but as it is with life, job is what you make of it. I feel fortunate to... read more

Italian vs French Cuisine: Which One Is Better? - I have often wondered what cuisine is better, French or Italian. There is no question that Italian cuisine is more popular, but is it better? ... read the full article...

Mediterranean Diet - When you think of healthy eating, pasta, gyros, and garlic bread might not be the first items to spring to mind. read more...

How To Cook Prime Rib Roast
Prime rib roast recipe and Yorkshire pudding recipe, by Chef George Krumov.

How To Make Sushi At Home - Top tips for making sushi at home.

Rock Salt and Sea Salt vs Table Salt - Article by Chef George Krumov

How To Choose Healthy Foods At The Grocery Store? - Article by Chef George Krumov

Basic Sushi Ingredients List - by Chef George Krumov

MSG Alternatives - How to avoid msg in your food?

What Should I Cook For Dinner? - Three quick and easy recipes by Chef George.

How To Deep Fry Foods And Use A Deep Fryer Safely

Unagi Sushi - Bbq Eel nigiri - article and recipe by Chef George.

How To Cook Mussels In White Wine

Food Costing - All of the basics you need to know about food costing.

My Top 10 Superfoods - The best foods for a healthy lifestyle!

How To Cook With Saffron

What Is Canadian Cuisine? - by Chef George

How To Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

How To Cook Asparagus - The different ways to prepare asparagus, by Chef George

How To Make Pizza Sauce From Scratch

How To Make Pickled Cucumbers

Sushi Bar Images And Design Ideas

How To Cook Pork Baby Back Ribs - A recipe that you can use for restaurant or home.

How To Cook Patty Pan Squash

Foods You Should Not Eat

How Much Do Restaurants Markup Food

Blackening Spice Recipe - And how to blacken fish, by Chef George Krumov

What Makes Something Gourmet? - What is gourmet food? by Chef George Krumov

What Cooking Oil Is Best For You? - Healthy Cooking Oils.

How To Choose Healthy Food At A Restaurant - Article by Chef George Krumov

Blanching Vegetables - How to blanch tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, etc.

Vegetarian BBQ Ideas

How To Make Yogurt In Your Home

How To Roast Whole Heads Of Garlic

Can You Cook Frozen Chicken Breast

Catering Menu

How To Keep Live Mussels Fresh

Make A Healthy Restaurant Menu

What Is It Like Being A Chef

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

How To Cook Bacon In The Oven

How To Do Food Costing 101

What's Better For You, Bread Or Pasta?

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