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Spanish Cuisine

The Spanish cuisine consists of a huge variety of recipes and flavors greatly influenced by its geography and mix of cultures. Spanish cuisine is Mediterranean in nature with variety of seafood from the seas surrounding the country. However the Muslim influence has made the Spanish cuisine very exquisite and different than any other in the world. The recent surge in popularity of the Spanish tapas around the world proves that. Two Spanish food products that are a staple in the Spanish cuisine are Serrano ham and Manchego cheese.
On this page you can find not only tapas, but a selection of other great recipes including some Spanish influenced pastas, seafood soup, gazpacho soup and the famous Spanish paella.



* Paella Recipe - Delicious seafood rice flavored with saffron.

* Gazpacho Soup Recipe - Cold tomato-based soup with warm garlic croutons.

* Spanish Potato Tortilla - Breakfast potato omelette recipe.

* Tagliatelle Mariscos Pasta Recipe - Delicious seafood pasta in blush sauce.

* Cocido Recipe - The famous Spanish dish, Cocido Madrileno.

* Spicy Shrimp Recipe - Sweet and sour spicy shrimp, served with garlic bread.

* Salmon Croquettes Recipe - Potato croquettes made with salmon and sweet potato.

* Zarzuela De Pescado - Spanish seafood stew-like soup.

* Calamari Recipe - My own recipe for Calamares A La Plancha.

* Pico De Gallo Salsa Recipe - Easy traditional recipe from the Spanish cuisine.

* Spanish Pasta Recipe - Pasta with multi-color fusilli, chorizo and sofrito sauce.

* Ceviche Recipe - The fish is cooked by the lime juice without heat. See how it works.

* Spanish Clams Recipe - Made with olive oil, cilantro, hot pepper and serrano ham.

* Oxtail Stew Recipe - Rabo de torro is the Spanish name for this recipe.

* White Gazpacho Soup Recipe - Tomato-les gazpacho soup.

* Almond Cookies Recipe - Easy cookies, called almendrados.

* Chicken Escabeche Recipe - The famous Spanish pollo escabeche.

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