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German Cuisine

German cuisine varies from one region to another, but one thing is for sure - pork is the most popular meat by far. Beef, poultry, game and fish are also widely used, but do not enjoy such a popularity as the pork. Cabbage, potato and the different kinds of German sausages are very common in the German diet. There are believed to be more than 1500 different kinds of sausage in Germany. This page features some very easy and very tasty German food recipes that are well known around the world.



* Beef Rouladen - Rolled sirloin, stuffed with bacon, red pepper and pickle.

* Schweinemedaillons - Pork medallions in mushroom-cream sauce.

* Sauerbraten - Beef marinated in select spices and red wine, served with spaetzle.

* German Cabbage Rolls - Pickled cabbage leaves, stuffed with a special blend of beef,
    pork and rice, and braised with tomato sauce.

* German Cabbage Soup Recipe - Kahlsuppe is an absolutely delicious soup recipe.

* German Pork Chops Recipe - Succulent pork chops baked with sauerkraut.

* German Potato Soup Kartoffelsuppe - Ideal recipe for the cold winter.

* German Chocolate Cake Recipe - Frost it with your favorite icing.

* Classic German Burgers Recipe - Beef burgers with onion, fried in butter.

* German Pork Roast Recipe - Leg or shoulder pork roast with beer.

* German Sausage & Sauerkraut Casserole Recipe - With smoked German sausage.

* German Pancakes Recipe - Old style breakfast pancakes.

* Apple Strudel Recipe - With golden raisins and ground almonds.

* Warm German Potato Salad Recipe - With bacon and cider vinegar.


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