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Cuban Cuisine

The Cuban cuisine is a rare mix of Spanish, African and Caribbean influences, however, it is different from other Latin American cuisines. The Cuban way of cooking is known for its limited use of spices, especially strong and hot spices. That makes it very different from one of the leading regional cuisines - the Mexican. Many Westerners find the Cuban cuisine a little bland. I, personally, like the Cuban food and find their soups, beans, vegetables, seafood and rice particularly delicious. Fresh, natural food don't need too much spices to taste great.



* Cuban Lobster Recipe - Grilled lobster tail recipe.

* Cuban Sofrito Sauce Recipe - The sofrito is an important sauce in many Cuban dishes.

* Recipe For Rice With Shrimp - Very simple and great tasting rice recipe.

* Cuban Saffron Rice Recipe - Popular, simple and delicious.

* Fried Chicken Creole - Caribbean flavours are abundant in this recipe.

* Escabeche Recipe - Escabeche is fried pickled fish.

* No Tomato Gazpacho Soup Recipe - White gazpacho with cucumbers and yogurt.

* Cuban Black Beans Stew Recipe - Black beans are a staple in the cuisine of Cuba.

* Baked Plantains Recipe - Cuban sweet plantain baked with sherry.

* Cuban Barbeque Sauce Recipe - A traditional Cuban meat marinade.

* Cuban Chicken Picadillo Recipe - Stir-fried julienne chicken with spices.

* Black Bean Hummus Recipe - A tasty vegetarian dip.


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