Hello Chef George. I'm Rey from Brent International School Baguio Philippines. I'm a chef here at Brent and we were two working at the kitchen and we are serving 180 pax at lunch and in breakfast and dinner 60 pax, I'm cooking and doing my own menus. In preparing food I also create my own style which is I research in internet and change its style too. Is it ok if I do this things but soon I do with my own imagination. Cause first I know how to baked pastries, breads cakes cause I was a baker before and now I'm in the kitchen doing my job as a chef, I do things which I'm in challenging position I do ice carving, also create chocolate carving I do alot of things for my future cause this is my life, I also work at baguio country club as a Quality Control Officer and assistant chief baker and Quality Control at Mister Donut Phil. But the only thing is that I have not go in schooling in culinary, they call me chef its nice to hear but in your opinion or idea in the future there is posibility that soon become a executive chef just wondering cause your the profesional and I have read the countries where you work before and I'm very impress for that cause you have many experties in life. Congratulation chef may be soon webecome friend and your my idol! Chef good luck and God bless! Please, email me thank you...

Your recipe looks magnificinto. I love trying new recipes. your recipe looks very tasty.

Great, thanks for sharing this blog. Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

Thank you for reminding me it's time to read Anna Karenina again. It's been a long time. I am amazed at all you got out of the story. I prefer Tolstoy's War and Peace to this book and I don't know why. I agree maybe both are masterpieces in which case maybe Tolstoy is one of the greatest writers of all time. I do agree that he was so capable of all ranges of emotions more than most writers. I do agree that happiness is up to the individual to only the extent that depends on whether you are a positive or negative person. (Cup half full/cup half empty). A negative person might find it much more difficult to discover happiness and might not even bother trying. Do you think in that case their happiness might be their sadness? Do you think circumstances make you that way or are you born that way?

I admire you. Your letter on how you become a Chef inspired me. I want to be a Chef! And I know one day I will be and maybe one day I get to meet you. Congrats!!! ...........
.........My blessing to you George and thanks for the opportunity of writing. Best Regards.

So I just stumbled on this website and, through reading much of your posts, have so much respect for you. I am only 15, but I dream about becoming a chef. I hope that you aren't shaking your head, ......
Thanks for your time. Emily

No question, just a thank you very much for being willing to freely share your abilities with others. It is greatly appreciated.

Hello! I love your recipes and I will more than likely enjoy most of them I will make in the future! .... Thanks and keep cooking great food! :)

...... Thanks so much for your help!!!! Also I found your website very honest =) Thanks again!

Hello George,
just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your Site! ......
I will return to your page to see about your next adventures.

Chef Jack:
Greetings Chef George,
I must admit reading your pages have brought back many fond memories for me, and quite entertainingly so. It appears we have similar backgrounds and experiences, but I dare say I am several generations ahead of you, with most of my career centered in Southern California, Colorado and Arizona.

I am your avid fan and I would like to thank you for sharing your creation. I am fond of cooking which is my hobby and I really love Italian dishes. I hope I can meet you someday. Thank you and more power to you. God Bless Grazie !

Hey how are you? Your food is awesome and you’re an awesome chef. Me and my friend Madison love your food you’re an awesome person. We are using your recipes for our project.

Dear Chef George, I don’t have a question, I just wanted to say your food looks wonderful. Me and my friend used it on a project we used you as the best chef and your food as the best in town! We got an A thanks to you, thanks!

Chef George,
Just a line to let you know how much I enjoyed your page. I am entering culinary school the end of this month and very excited to finally realize a lifelong dream Thank you for wonderful information! Best Regards, Linda

Hi Chef!:) I just came across your website today and I am so excited! .... I'm so glad I came across your site!:) Thank you so much for taking the trouble to post recipes and such beautiful pictures of your sure helps people like me to visualize a dish and make it look gorgeous. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be trying out all your recipes one by one and will keep you posted on my successes and failures as well!:) Good luck to you, God bless and I hope you'll continue to post more recipes here! Arati

Hi there chef George :)
Love your recipes. Looking forward to trying the stuffed mushrooms, they sound divine.
Thanks again for the recipes.

Hi chef George , i was so amazed with ur recipe and very yummy :) .... :) thanks and May god bless u always chef. take care

I am an artist and best know for working with dryer lint to make art. I just did a huge series of amuse bouche and small plates in lint and wanted to describe what they could be made of in real food. Your descriptions of ingredients and preparation have been helpful in giving names to the new work. Thank you for your very interesting web site. It is inspiring. Regards

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful website. I hope that you will continue to add more recipes and presentation ideas to your website. .... I am always looking for inspiration and primarily presentation ideas to make my guests go WOW...Your website has given me many great ideas...I just wanted to say thank you! I have another press tour coming up in early May...I know there will be at least 4 food writers in the group...Do you have any thoughts on what might be a wow dish to serve them? Take Care.

Incredibly lovely exquisite food photos!

Thank you for this website and for the opportunity to come to you with our questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, I want to know how it feels when they tell you that your food is good, delicious, etc?... I LOVE COOKING=)

Thank you very much your info that you have given me has been a great deal and I really would love to come to your state and also to your resturant and try your best dish because I want to become a chef as well but mostly a pastry chef!

Man, you are a great chef, and I study now Italan cooking in ecole and I love this work so much. Italian food is the best for me. Hope to talk with you. My name is Waseem. Hope to see you soon man.

Hi chef, I'm impresed with the article that i just read about your experience in a cruise ship. I would like to work in a cruise ship as a cook. I'm a culinary managment student, I'll graduate in April and I would like to work on a cruise so could you please advise me where to start and to get a job on it....thanks

Love your website - wish I had found it years ago.

Hello Chef George! Pleasure to meet you! My name is Avinash, and I'm planning on becoming a chef. ....
... Your website has some really awsome stuff! Thanks for the cool recipes! And thanks for all the info on your site. Very useful. Thank You again.

Tnx 4 the deliciouz recipez..

Hey, great article, answered alot of my questions and you seemed very truthful. ....

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for all the information you gave me about cruise ships. I plan on going next September. ....
Thank you.

I would love to know if you have anymore infomation on becoming a cook/chef on a cruise ship. .... I love cooking for people, seeing there faces when they indulge in a meal that I made. ..... Also you are a very inspiring person :) Thank you Chef George

Dear chef, great to watch this, an amazing experience.
I would like to know more about menu planning.

I love your site. Thanks for the infos et those excellent recipes.

I jusy want to say that the food you have created looks amazing and if it tastes as good as it looks ,wow. ....

Formost and for all thank you that I found your website, I learned alot from you. .... Thank you chef George.

Dear George,
That last word: "supercalifragilisticexpialadocious" is from the Disney movie "Mary Poppins.' Julie Andrews sings the song. The meaning of the word is best described by its own first two syllables: "Super!"
A true Americanism. I apologize for the confusion. I was delighted to find your recipes, and say again thank-you for sharing them, and the other websites.
Mary Ann

Hello Chef George,
I would like to commend you with your very helpful website. .....

Dear chef George;
I recently learned about your web page, and I think it is wonderful. ....

Dear Sir:
I am a 41 year old male college student and would like to thank-you for
helping me to avoid making the biggest mistake of my life. ....

Mrs. Colette:
Your site gets me so happy as I like to cook special and delicious and easy cookings for my family, and here you are so helpful for me.
i wonder if I really can be a perfect cook. I really look forward to it and need your advices to become good. I admit I am not bad in cooking with taste and flavor but need to improve other things too. I really thank you very much for what I read and for what you will recommend me in the future to realize my dream.
thanks again.

Chef George,
I have just “happened” upon your web site, but I’ve spent probably a good hour browsing it and reading. It’s fantastic! Oh yes, I’ve already bookmarked it and signed up for your newsletter. I love to cook, and I especially enjoy what you have to say about cooking and eating healthy. That’s almost an oxymoron for a gourmet chef!
I look forward to future visits with you.

Thank goodness I found your website.

Dear Chef George,
I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your website. As I sit at a computer all day and spend my time writing to engineers about how to use something, it was wonderful to find your cooking site. I especially loved learning about your experience as a chef on board a ship. Now, I can’t wait to go home and try some of your recipes. Thank you again and kindest regards,

Mr. Goodman:
I made your Pork Loins in Caper Sauce for dinner tonight. The whole family loved the dish, and I loved the small amount of prep time involved. I'm going to try your Bavarian Cabbage Rolls next week. Thank you!!


Dear Friends, thank you for all your wonderful comments. I truly appreciate every comment that I get through my web site. If you want to send me your own comment please use this form. Best Regards. George

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