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Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine is dominated by lamb, fish, olives, feta cheese, eggplant, potato and phyllo dough. While the Greek cuisine is a typical Mediterranean cuisine, it is also influenced by the other Balkan countries. The Greek desserts are similar to the Turkish, but there is no way to find out the real origin of the recipes, because almost all Balkan countries claim certain dishes as their own creation. Nevertheless, it is one of the most exciting culinary regions in the world. This page features some of the famous Greek recipes that you've always wanted to know.



* Greek Salad Recipe - Find out how to make original Greek salad.

* Greek Chicken Recipe - One of the most delicious Mediterranean recipes.

* Tzatziki Sauce Recipe - The tzatziki in Greece is like the guacamole in Mexico.

* Greek Cabbage Rolls - Made with ground pork and beef, paprika, savory and rice.

* Moussaka Recipe - A very flavorful and hearty Greek dish.

* Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe - A famous Greek recipe called Dolmathes.

* Greek Lamb Recipe - Lamb Souvlaki - Souvlaki is very popular. Find out why.

* Greek Ribs Recipe - Marinated pork side ribs roasted until tender & falling off the bone.

* Greek Salad Dressing Recipe - That is the secret recipe you always wanted to know.

* Greek Lamb Pilaf Recipe - also called Pilafi Tas Kebab.

* Greek Wrap Recipe - This is a true delight in a warm pita bread.

* Greek Spinach Pie Recipe - Made with phillo dough, feta cheese, spinach and eggs.

* Greek Chicken Egg Drop Soup Recipe - Also called avgolemono.


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