Chef george krumov

I am a professional Chef and Pastry Chef with many years of experience in internationally renowned establishments such as Lenotre-Paris and Carnival Cruise Lines, as well as heading the kitchens of several fine dining restaurants in Canada. My diverse cooking experience also includes being a Cruise Ship Chef, Sushi Chef, School Chef, Pizza Chef, French, Italian and Spanish Chef, Hospital Chef and even Food Truck Chef believe it or not. At times I have held up to three cooking jobs simultaneously, that’s how much I love cooking. I have traveled half the world, most of it with my job. I have been to so many places because of work, but I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. It’s almost always fun, and very rewarding. I have been to Kuwait, Greece, Mexico, Russia, USA, Tortola, Bahamas, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico, half the countries in the EU, Canada and as far as Noyabrsk in Siberia. The cuisine of all of those places have influenced my cooking in some way, and I hope it would be interesting for you to see some of my original gourmet food recipes with pictures.

Chocolate bowl with fruits and ice-cream
Chocolate Bowl with Fruits and Ice-Cream

Original gourmet recipes with food pictures and inspirational cooking ideas for elegant fine dining by a professional chef.