4 lobster tails, 7-12 oz. each,
1 tsp. lemon-pepper seasoning,
1 pinch fresh tarragon, chopped,
4 leaves of lettuce,
8 oz. unsalted butter.


1. If you buy frozen lobster tails, in my opinion the Caribbean ones are better then those from the North Atlantic (Maine lobster).

2. Thaw them only half way so they are still crispy in the middle, as it will be easier to butterfly them.

3. With a sharp knife cut a slit lengthwise along the tail and cut only half way through the lobster meat.

4. Pull the lobster tail meat over the shell. Click here to see a picture of a butterflied lobster tail.

5. Brush the lobster tails with melted butter and season them with the lemon-pepper seasoning and fresh tarragon.

6. Arrange the lobster tails in a shallow baking dish and cover the ends of the tails with a piece of lettuce to prevent them from burning.

7. Broil the lobster in a preheated oven at 450 F at the top shelf about 4-5 inches from the top heating element.

8. Broil the lobster tails until they turn completely white in color, about 8-10 minutes.

9. Baste them once more with melted butter during broiling.

10. When ready, remove the lettuce pieces from the broiled lobster tails and serve them with the warm drawn butter and some vegetables of your choice or saffron rice with snow peas.

For the drawn butter:

11. Melt the butter in a very small pot over medium heat.

12. Reduce the heat to low and simmer the butter until all the milk solids curdle and fall on the bottom of the pot, probably about 20 minutes.

13. Slowly pour the drawn butter in 4 small serving cups leaving the milk solids undisturbed at the bottom.

Drawn butter is also called sometimes clarified butter.

Chef George Krumov
About the author: George Krumov is a Red Seal certified chef with many years of culinary experience working around the world in Europe, the Middle East, the cruise line industry and North America. In the last two decades he has headed the kitchens of several restaurants in Canada, and ran his own restaurant.

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