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Irish Cuisine

The traditional Irish cuisine is based on simple local ingredients expertly prepared into hearty flavorful dishes. Before the introduction of potato in the 17th century the Irish cuisine was based on vegetables, milk, meat and seafood. Nowadays the most widely used products are lamb, potato, fish, shellfish, soda breads and cheese. The contemporary Irish cuisine is seeing also a lot of contribution in terms of new recipe ideas from the Irish pubs in North America.



* Irish Shepherds Pie Recipe - Red skin potatoes, cheddar and mixed vegetables.

* Irish Lamb Stew - The famous Irish stew is a staple in Irish pubs around the world.

* Potato Skins Recipe - Crispy potato skins, topped with hot & bubbly cheddar cheese.

* Steamed Mussels - White wine, garlic, olive oil, leeks and marinara sauce.

* Irish Boxty - Crispy Irish potato cakes.

* Irish Oyster Soup Recipe - Delicate and flavorful oyster soup.

* Guinness and Beef Pie - What would an Irish recipe page be without Guinness beer?

* Potato And Leek Soup Recipe - A traditional hearty soup recipe from Ireland.

* Dublin Coddle - The coddle is a dish traditionally served in Dublin, Ireland.

* Soda Bread Recipe - A traditional Irish bread recipe.

* Irish Stew Casserole Recipe - With lamb, potatoes, turnips and celery.

* Irish Potato Soup Recipe - Simple potato soup.

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