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Cheese Pizza


Ingredients for one large cheese pizza:

3 cups all-purpose flour,
1 portion dry yeast,
1 cup warm water,
1 teaspoon salt,
1 teaspoon sugar,
1/2 cup whole wheat flour for rolling the dough,
oil for greasing the pizza pan.
Italian tomato sauce, as needed,
grated mozzarella and
provolone cheese mix,
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.


1. Mix together the yeast and warm water and let it sit for 10 minutes.

2. Place the 3 cups of flour, salt and sugar in a mixing bowl (or food processor, if you are using), and knead until you have smooth dough.

3. Cover the dough with cling wrap and leave it in a warm place for 3-4 hours to proof. The longer it proofs the better.

4. Shape the dough in a ball and roll it with a rolling pin over the whole wheat flour.

5. Grease lightly the pizza pan and place the rolled pizza over it, apply the toppings and bake in a preheated oven at 350 F until ready.

If the bottom is taking longer to cook, remove the pizza pan from under the cheese pizza and finish cooking the pizza straight on the racks.

Chef George Krumov
About the author: George Krumov is a Red Seal certified chef with many years of culinary experience working around the world in Europe, the Middle East, the cruise line industry and North America. In the last two decades he has headed the kitchens of several restaurants in Canada, and ran his own restaurant.

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