Vegetarian frittata

Ingredients for 1 frittata:

3 large eggs,
1cup mixed vegetables, such as:
green peas, corn, diced carrot, sliced potato, sliced zucchini, peppers, okra, etc,
1 oz. goat cheese or creamy feta cheese,
1 ounce table cream,
salt and pepper to taste,
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil.

Recipe: Sauté all the vegetables in a non-stick pan. In a bowl, mix the eggs and the table cream, season to taste and pour over the sautéed vegetables in the pan. Shape the frittata nicely with a wooden spatula and cook at medium heat until the bottom is set and lightly brown. At that point you have to either flip the frittata, or to pass it under the broiler until the top is cooked. Because non-stick pans are not very suitable for broiling, I recommend flipping the frittata in a plate and then sliding in back in the frying pan. Alternatively, you can cook the frittata entirely in the oven, in a regular pan over parchment paper, as I did for this photo. Five minutes before the frittata is ready, sprinkle with some crumbled goat cheese or creamy feta cheese.

Chef George Krumov
About the author: George Krumov is a Red Seal certified chef with many years of culinary experience working around the world in Europe, the Middle East, the cruise line industry and North America. In the last two decades he has headed the kitchens of several restaurants in Canada, and ran his own restaurant.

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