Vegetable stock ingredients


10 cups water,
2 stalks celery,
1 large carrot, peeled,
1 cup leeks, only the green part,
1 large onion,
3 cloves garlic,
2 bay leaves,
1 Tbsp. black peppercorns,
a few sprigs of fresh thyme,
1 Tbsp. dried herbs - Italian mix,
sea salt to taste.

Recipe: Wash and cut the vegetables coarsely. When washing the leeks, pay attention in between each leave, because sometimes there is lots of mud there. Put all the ingredients for the vegetable stock in a heavy saucepan and bring to a boil. Skim the surface of the stock from any impurities. Reduce the temperature, cover the saucepan and simmer gently for about 45 minutes. Add a little more hot water if needed. Add the thyme to the stock in the last 5 minutes of simmering. Let the vegetable stock stand for about 1 hour after that. Strain the stock and use it in your favorite recipes for vegetarian soups, risottos or other vegetarian dishes. Cooking tip: For more intense flavour roast the onion and garlic before using them in the stock. You could also use in your vegetable stock any carrot peels, parsley stalks and onion ends left over from cooking other things in your kitchen.

Chef George Krumov
About the author: George Krumov is a Red Seal certified chef with many years of culinary experience working around the world in Europe, the Middle East, the cruise line industry and North America. In the last two decades he has headed the kitchens of several restaurants in Canada, and ran his own restaurant.

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