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Food Site of the Day - January 31, 2007
"World Chef George Krumov,
Find many of his famed recipes -
Marlin Roulade, Crespelle,
Veal Involtini,
Chiopino Seafood Soup,
His Mousse, Crème Brulee and
Much more."


Site of the Day

Site of the Day - January 23, 2007 on Action 4 News Sunrise.

Gold Web Site Award

Gold Web Site - January, 2007


Recommended Web Site

Every once in a while someone sends me a site that is a joy to view.... Though Chef George would like to also sell you his cookbook (and it may well be worth having) he also publishes his own recipes online for you to try at home. If you are looking for something just that little bit different and well presented, hop over and have a look.


Excerpts from an email:

Hello Gentlemen,
We did some searching into your culinary background and admire your accomplishments.
....I believe you have something unique.

Bryan Naylor, Associate Producer Taste This T.V.!



Chef George Krumov - the chef behind this project reveals some of the secrets of gourmet cooking and gives inspiration to aspiring chefs.

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