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Spanish Clams

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Cooking Tip

Clams need more careful washing than mussels, because they are more likely to have sand or mud inside. Soak the clams for 5 minutes and rinse thouroughly.

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30 littleneck clams,
3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil,
1/4 cup dry sherry,
3 oz. chopped serrano ham,
1 hot red pepper, sliced,
1 small onion, chopped finely,
3 tablespoons olive oil,
1/4 cup finely chopped cilantro,
salt and pepper to taste,
and the juice of 1 or 2 limes.

Recipe: Heat the olive oil in a large heavy pan over moderately high temperature. Add onion and pepper and saute for 4 minutes. Add the serrano ham and saute for 2 minutes more. Deglaze with the sherry and add the clams. Increase the heat to high, cover the pan and cook until the clams open, about 5 minutes. Discard any unopened clams. Stir in the chopped fresh cilantro and season the clams to taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Serve the Spanish clams hot.

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