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Bean and Cabbage Soup Recipe         

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Bulgarian bean and cabbage soup

Bulgarian Bean and Cabbage Soup Recipe - "Bob s zele"

Ingredients: 500 gr. dry white beans; 2 1/2 litres water; 4 dry red sweet peppers; 2 medium onions, chopped; 3 tbsp. flour; 1 tsp. sweet paprika; 4 tbsp. sunflower oil; 1 flat tablespoon salt; 1 jar (800 gr.) sauerkraut; 1 tbsp. fresh chopped mint.

Recipe: Bring the water to a boil and simmer the beans and the red peppers until the beans are soft and fully cooked, about 2 hours. Remove the red peppers from the pot and place them in a mortar with the chopped onions and salt. Make them into a paste. Heat the oil in a large heavy pan and brown the flour lightly. Add the paprika and cook for 1 minute more. Pour a cup of the liquid from the boiled beans in the pan with the browned flour and stir well. Add the roux (the browned flour is called roux), the paste from the mortar and the souerkraut to the pot with the beans and simmer for 20 minutes more. Add the fresh mint and serve.

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