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Pictures from the personal collection of Chef George Krumov.
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Multicultural DinnerFireworks

Multicultural dinner and fireworks in Windsor, Ontario.

Lenotre-Paris in Kuwait

Lenotre-Paris in Kuwait

Bulgarian Restaurant

Bulgarian Restaurant

Stubel village in Bulgaria

My Grandma's village in Bulgaria. I spent every summer there, when I was a kid.

Lenotre's kitchen

Lenotre's kitchen

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

In Cozumel when I was working in Carnival Cruise Lines

Cozumel - Carnival Cruise Lines

The kitchen in Lenotre-Paris in Kuwait

Lenotre - 1998

At Pierson Airport

At Pearson Airport with Isabelle

Carnival in Windsor, Ontario

Carnival in Windsor, Ontario.

Chef George Krumov - creator and publisher of Finest Chef

The author

The Black Sea in Bulgaria

The Black Sea in Bulgaria

Cozumel horse riding tour

Cozumel - horse riding tour

Banana tree in Cayman Island

Banana tree in Cayman Islands

Chicken Roulades

A nice bunch of Chicken Roulades, hugging each other.

Really big kitchen

Have you ever wondered how a really big kitchen looks like?

Near Stubel village, Bulgaria

Near Stubel village in Bulgaria.




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