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Hi, there. I hope you are enjoying your visit to Let me introduce myself. I am a Red Seal chef with two decades of international experience in Europe, the Middle East, the cruise line industry and North America. I have headed the kitchens of several fine dining restaurants, and most recently even owned a sushi restaurant. During the last two decades I have been an Italian Chef, Spanish cuisine Chef, Banquet Chef, Food Truck Chef, Sushi Chef and even a Day-Care Chef. Some of my experience as a Chef is reflected in my articles.

All the recipes here are my own, and except for just a few of them, which are my variation of traditional recipes, the rest are 100% my creation. All of them are suitable for both - restaurant and home, and they are all yours to cook. If you find them useful, use them at your home. I wouldn't have published this web site if I didn't want you to use them. However, all the contents of FinestChef are copyright and cannot be reprinted or used for commercial purposes without my written permission.

I dare say, that FinestChef is the first recipe web site in the net made entirely by a professional Chef, with a unique concept and fine dining recipes. I am actually creating, cooking and photographing my recipes by myself, and also run this web site whenever I have some free time. My goal in the beginning was simply to find motivation to record my recipes, because I have had for years this regret for all the creations that I have had forgotten. However, over the time I was delighted to discover that many people around the world absolutely love my recipes and are often coming back for more. That added a lot more motivation for me to keep going with this project. I hope you enjoy it, and then visit my YOUTUBE channel. The link is below. Cheers.

Have a great day.

Chef George Krumov

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